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Preservation Breeders

Our goal at Chapleton is to protect and preserve the integrity of the whippet.  A preservation breeder  makes decisions about breeding based on research, genotype, and phenotype of breeding quality animals that are representative of the American Kennel Club breed standard and are an asset to the genetic heritage of the breed.  The animals selected for breeding are specifically evaluated and matched with partners that improve or compliment the individual.  The ultimate goal is to produce offspring who are an improvement on the generation before and who are of sound mind and body.  Temperament of the dogs is as important, if not more so, than the physical attributes that show breeders prize.  Not only are we invested in breeding well-adapted, beautiful animals, we must assure that those dogs are representative of a legacy of health. 

Health testing breeding stock is a very important aspect of a quality breeding program.   Aside from the physical differences of quality dogs, a commitment to lifelong health is the hallmark of a preservation breeder.   Because every match is made with health, temperament, and physical characteristics in mind, each litter represents an investment in the future integrity of the breed itself.  Every puppy is a product of an attempt to improve, to eliminate disease, to remain true to the temperament and behavior characteristics that make whippets amazing pets.   Therefore, each puppy we place is placed with lifelong breeder support and commitment.  We are responsible for each puppy we produce from their first breath to their last breath. Every puppy is sold with a contract that details our commitment to the puppy and our promises to buyers.  These breeding philosophies are the reason we endorse buying from a responsible breeder. 

“Adopt Don’t Shop”

When a family makes the decision to purchase a purebred dog from a reputable source, they will no doubt encounter propaganda that promotes ‘adopt, don’t shop’.  These families may feel like they need to justify their choices.  The ‘adopt, don’t shop’ philosophy is one that promotes an irresponsible origin for every dog.  In a system where every dog originates from irresponsible behaviors and decisions, we are not advocating for the best interest of dogs as a species.   This idea discriminates against breeders that devote their lives to the protection and preservation of their respective breeds and families that choose to make responsible contributions to the enrichment of their families .  With lifelong commitment as one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of a preservation breeder, every attempt is made to ensure that no puppy is placed in an inappropriate situation,  surrendered to a shelter/rescue, used for breeding (pet quality pups), or sold outside of the family/breeder relationship.  These measures ensure that if every person supported a preservation breeder, there would be no shelter- at all.

Wolf Hollow Farm

Once upon a time, in the south of Minnesota, lived a happy little family on a pretty little farm.   The farm is our little dream project, and home to the Chapleton Whippets, several cluckers, a rooster with only 2 toes, a couple wily teenagers, a random black dog, and a blessed couple of best friends.  In the future, we look forward to adding Valais Black-Nose sheep and a pony or two (shhhhh….don’t tell my husband this).  It’s our little piece of heaven and we’d be happy to show you around sometime. 




Destinie Stapleton

Lakefield, MN

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